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Aberdeen Emerging Markets Bonds


In terms of demographics and economic powerhouses, the future remains in emerging markets,” comments Senior Investment Manager Esther Chan in this video interview about a rapidly growing asset class. Meanwhile, the benefits of emerging market debt include a diverse range of companies, strong fundamentals, and attractive yields, she notes.


Emerging markets present some of the world’s most dynamic growth opportunities. And in a world short of yield and on the lookout for capital appreciation, emerging market debt has become a difficult asset class to ignore. Only ten years ago, it was a ‘risky’ high yield investment, but today it is much more stable. Emerging market companies are now better managed and corporate bond issuance has grown dramatically, meaning there are more robust investment opportunities for experienced Emerging Market managers like Aberdeen.

Why Emerging Markets Corporate Bonds?

  • Abundant natural resources, favourable demographics and structural credit improvement
  • Many emerging economies are likely to see continued corporate bond issuance in the future as domestic and international investment increases
  • The corporate bond universe has become more accessible to a wider range of investors due to its growing size, liquidity and dedicated research platforms
  • The majority of emerging market corporate bonds in the index are investment grade and credit quality continues to improve

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      Aberdeen Global - Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund
      Benchmark: PM Corporate EMBI Broad Diversified
      Fund Structure: SICAV
      Fund Domicile: Luxembourg
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