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Latin American Equities


Uncertainty over China, currency weakness and the impact of tapering made the second half of 2013 a challenging period for Latin America. In this video, Fiona Manning, Senior Investment Manager, explains that the pace of the Fed’s tapering is likely to continue to dominate investor sentiment, but with favourable demographics in the region, optimism remains.


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Latin America has become a major driver of global economic growth and many of its companies survived the credit crunch relatively unscathed. We believe this region offers better investment opportunities than many developed economies.

Key reasons to invest

  • Proprietary, face-to-face research - We meet every company before we invest. Buying is the beginning, not the end of our research
  • Buy-and-hold - We disregard short-term market volatility and hold our investments for the long term.
  • We are not driven by benchmarks - To us, risk is investing in poorly managed companies that do not deliver. If we don’t like a company, we don’t invest in it
  • A wealth of experience - We have been investing in Latin America as part of our wider emerging market equity portfolios since the 1980s
  • We are owners of companies rather than buyers of stocks - We spread risk not by buying more stocks but by constructing a portfolio that invests in many different businesses

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Aberdeen Global - Latin American Equity Fund
Benchmark: MSCI Latin America 10/40
Sector: Lipper Global Equity Emerging Markets Latin America
Inception: 23 July 2010
Fund Structure: SICAV
Fund Domicile: Luxembourg
Factsheet: pdf