Property (Multi-Manager)

Property provides the potential for a range of benefits from income, growth, value add through active management and development, with a real asset underpin.

However, it requires large investment amounts and resource-intensive management to access directly; trying to invest directly on a global basis can also introduce legal and tax complexity.

As a result, many investors prefer to invest via funds and funds of funds, to best capture the breadth of opportunities available.

A multi-manager approach, in particular, can provide investors with access to high quality property funds and managers, offering exposure to any or all of debt and equity, prime and secondary locations, domestic, regional and global investments, and operating assets or developments.

Our approach

Our investment approach is underpinned by three pillars:

  • Running a quality investment process that is simple, robust and focused on risk management and transparency
  • Providing quality investment solutions for our clients, including a range of commingled funds
  • Seeking quality, best-in-class managers to drive long-term returns